"Standing Alone" boards

Mike: (o.s.) Hey Ruth!

Mike: You want a ride?

Mike: I mean, unless you have gills and want to swim home?

Ruth: I'm fine. I've just missed the bus. There will be another one here in twenty minutes.

Mike: You're kidding, right? It's pouring out here.

Mike: (o.s) On top of that, nobody knows more than you do in class. So if you die of the cold, who's going to help me out? If anything, I'm just trying to help myself.

Mike: Come on. I'm not taking no for an answer.
Ruth: Alright. Heaven forbid you have to repeat high school again.
Ruth: I don't think they'll let you repeat it a third time. Mike: Hop on in.                 

Mike: Man, it's pouring out there.

Mike: So, this is the first year I've seen you here.

Ruth: That's because I've never been.

Mike: To school? Ruth: (laughs) To YOUR school.

Ruth: I transferred from West.

Mike: Really? Why the switch.

Ruth: Change of scenery.

Mike: (o.s.) You live pretty far from the school. Must be about...

Ruth: 2.74 miles. I calculated it one day.

Ruth: Plus the bus only comes by Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so I walk every other day.

Mike: Wow.

Ruth: Take a right here.

Ruth: Well, I'll see you next week

Ruth: Hey, thanks so much for the ride. I really appreciate it.

Mike: (o.s.) Ruth!!!

Ruth: Yeah? What's up?

Mike: Do you want to go out sometime?

Ruth: You mean on a date?

Mike: Yeah.

Ruth: Wow. I'm impressed. Actually asking in person. I thought everybody asked to go out on text messages.

Mike: Yeah, I guess

Ruth: Don't you have a girlfriend?

Mike: Things are kind of....

Ruth: Facebook complicated?
Mike: Something like that.

Ruth: Sure. I'd like that.

Mike: Ok. So what do you want to do? Get something to eat? Watch a movie?

Ruth: Uh-uh. That's not a date. That's something you do with your little brother.

Mike: Did you have anything else in mind?

Ruth: Yeah. I've got something. My rules though.

Mike: Ok. Like what?
Ruth: Oh you'll find out.

Mike: Right. How's Saturday?
Ruth: Saturday's great, but I'll be picking YOU up.

Mike: You have a car?

Ruth: No but I'll figure something out.

Mike: Um, ok. See you then

Mike: Bye.

Ruth: See you.

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